Sakha Umzi

Video Recorded November, 1993 at Theater Artaud, San Francisco, California


Star-Spangled Banner by Joshua Raoul Brody
Wondrous Love  by James Christopher,  S. M. Denson
Hold On by J. Rosamond Johnson
Go Down, Moses by J. Rosamond Johnson
Jim Crow by J. Rosamond Johnson
Sea Never Dry by  Malcolm’s Interview
Breaths by Sweet Honey in the Rock
Gaia Song by Candace Natvig
One Man Band by Barney Jones, Seth Greene
Snowfall by Barney Jones, Seth Greene
Synchronized Lips by Barney Jones, Seth Greene

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101 California 

Video Recorded December 7, 1992 in San Francisco California

Holiday Selections by Music in the Blood

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Singing Through Time

Video Recorded June, 1992  at  Life On The Water,  Fort Mason, San Francisco, California


Part 1


Beautiful Rain By Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Pan by Michael Charnes
Descant Heard by Watt on Way to Station
by Scrumbley Koldewyn
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Part 2


Barbershop Macho Litany by Rinde Eckert/Jess Curtis
Bread and Roses by Mimi Farina/M. Newman
Sto mi e milo by Traditional Macedonians
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Part 3


Betsy Belle and Mary Gray, Traditional/Steeleye Span
The TOKENS set by music by Candace Natvig English and David Schein
No Trouble
Song of the Nurse and Watchmen
The Nurse’s Song
Dead Carter’s Song


Die Ballade vom Ertrunken Maedchen
by Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill
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Part 4


Spirits by Susan North/Arr. Dyana Vukovich
The Innate by Candace Natvig /Charles Ives
The King, Traditional/Steeleye Span
Windham, Traditional/Arr. Natvig
The Good Old Way, Traditional/Arr. Natvig
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